Movies of 1980-s. Hot Pursuit…

Meanwhile, Dan’s “new friends” arrived to the hotel. Cronenbergs family were gone. They didn’t catch up with them… Dan learned that sailor also plans to chase the yacht…  The next morning he woke up on the boat. They were going after the yacht named Crystal Slipper.

In 80′s American cinematography’s products had a unique style. Those films were interesting, unexpected, full of events screenplays. Plot used to keep your attention. Modern movies are different. Some of them have a simple plotline, and some are full of special effects. In 1980s there was an unpredictable sequence of events. Many movies could guarantee you a good mood and positive emotions.

Hot Pursuit (1987) is one of them. It all started when the main character – Dan Bartlett (John Cusack) almost didn’t pass a chemistry exam.  It happened because instead of learning, he spent the evening arguing with his girlfriend about the importance of knowledge and the pizza (should they order some or not?).

The next morning went not so good, as he expected. He got only 58 of 100 points. Fortunately, his teacher Mr. Kowalski had a big, good heart and let him to supplement the answers. After it was done, he was free to travel with the Lori Cronenberg’s (Wendy Gazelle) family.

He almost missed the plane. When he finally arrived, it appeared that to get a taxi on the Caribbean Islands it is not an easy task.  He decided to go to the hotel with the friendly and seemingly good-natured strangers.

Along the way, their car stuck in the mud middle of the jungle. After the several attempts to solve the problem, all except Dan agreed to camp.  He tried to take car out of the mud using his knowledge of the laws of physics. In the late night he failed and went to sleep.

In the morning, when everyone was asleep, he decided to leave the camp and try to get to the hotel itself. This was one of those hasty decisions, which caused more problems than solve.

After a little walk in the wild, he found a way. It was too late. His girlfriend and his family left the hotel. Meanwhile, Dan’s “new friends” arrived to the hotel. They had recognized the girl and tried to to talk. Family was concerned about the safety and asked the concierge not to be bothered.

Cronenberg family left the hotel and went to a yacht. Dan and company were unable to catch up with them. It upset Dan.  He spent the night at the bar, where he met eccentric sailor. The conversation under the influence of alcoholic intoxication went very well. Dan learned that sailor also plans to chase the yacht…

The next morning Dan woke up in a boat. They were going after the yacht named Crystal Slipper.  After several days at sea with the strange captain, he realized that this is enough of this journey. When the boat was in the harbor, he jumped into the water. When he reached the shore, local police arrested him and gave 6 years of imprisonment without the trial.

When the situation came to a standstill and it seemed that there is no exit, the captain appeared and freed Dan. During the chase, main character learned that the yacht is hijacked. Meanwhile, a team member who belonged to a criminal group eliminated the captain and took Cronenbergs as the hostages.

Dan came to Laguna Del Mar, where Lori Cronenberg stayed with his family and decided to call. Nobody picked up the phone because hijackers were in their room. There was a hostage situation. Den looked around.   There was a yacht which he was looking for. So, he came aboard.

Pirates were there and were thinking what to do with the family. Dan took action and found the way to save Cronenbergs’ family. There were shootings, explosions and chases. Dan looked like a Rambo, acted almost the same. When they defeated the bad guys, Dan and his girlfriend Lori Cronenberg went on a romantic trip yacht. This is a basic sketch of the story.

In my opinion movie team did a great job. They even showed a little parody, how people in Central and South America understand the democracy.  When Dan took his flight to Laguna Del Mar, stewardess unexpectedly asked about the destination. People voted by raising hands. When Dan said that this is wrong, the stewardess asked why? It’s democracy! That is just one funny moment, but there were many of them.

The film is incredibly interesting and deserves your attention. There are a lot of interesting moments and unexpected turns. I’d recommend it!


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    • E.W. says:

      Bob, thank you very much! Readers like you, who appreciate good articles and leave positive comments inspire authors like me. I really appreciate your comment! 🙂

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