Mysteries of our time. Flight MH370. Part 3: A signal after the disappearance*

In some point, there was a feeling that plane suddenly disappeared in the air… Latter British company – Inmarsat made unexpected announcement. According to the company’s officials they had been receiving a signal during 7 hours after the plane despaired. It allowed them to calculate plane’s speed… Meanwhile, available information about the flight MH370 is so limited that plane announced vanished.

Flight MH370 was newer found. The event became a case of delicate matter. Different aviation agencies from all over the world tried to solve the mystery. They analyzed available data, marked flight course and possible crash site. Sadly, but after a wide scale search and rescue operation even a smallest part of Boeing 777-200ER wasn’t found. In some point, there was a feeling that plane suddenly disappeared in the air…

The investigation revealed some preflight details of enigmatic event, which didn’t give the answers. According to the officials, an aircraft with 239 people has crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Is it possible that such a big plane as Boeing 777 can fall down the sky without a trace? Well, they didn’t give direct answer to that, but they noticed that it could sink rapidly… It’s very doubtful, because even if the wreckage sunk, there are a lot of plastic part on the plane that can drift on the water.

The official theory states that the Indian Ocean is a big space, which is very hart to cover with the search missions. Except that, there is some part of it which is not properly surveyed yet. Therefore, there is chance that plane’s debris if there was a crash, could have been overlooked by rescuers. This assumption sounds realistic, but still all collaborative affords couldn’t be so inefficient. Theoretically, they supposed to detect something, but they didn’t.

Few days after the disappearing there were such theories as: terrorism, pilot suicide, mechanical failure, cyber hijacking. It was almost impossible to determinate a possibility it, because crew didn’t send a distress call. Even if there was an intruder in the crew cabin, he didn’t contact to Air Traffic Control either. As it was mentioned before, the situation looked like in one second there is plane in the air and suddenly few seconds later it’s gone. It sounds mysterious but in real life it probably was different.

According to the investigation materials, there keyword in this case is a device called transponder that somebody switched off. Basic function of the devise is to send and receive radio signals from the ground without it, plane loses connection with a radar and disappears from the screen. That is exactly what happened in this particular situation.

Why would somebody do it, remains unknown. It could be a technical glitch, but the switch was an analog. That means, that it can be turned off either manually or because of short circuit. But if there was a problem with electronic, the power could go off and that’s how they ended up with turned off transponder.

In previous article called Mysteries of our time: Flight MH370. Part 1 there is an information that military radar still could see the plane for almost two hours before it got missing. Latter British company – Inmarsat was getting a signal from a plane for more than 7 hours. This fact makes the situation even more mysterious. How it possible is that plane is missing, but the company had a signal for a while? Where did it come from? These are questions without answers!

According to the company’s data, during 7 hours after the despairing plane was sending signals which allowed them to calculate a speed of the aircraft. They said that it was in a motion. It raises even more questions.

The whole situation reminds an endless chain of the questions and there in nobody to give answers. Investigator found clues, but those were just partial pieces of information which did not allow to see a whole image. Somebody can argue with that, because it’s investigators’ job to find a true. And as far as we know it, they are looking for it. Meanwhile available information about the flight MH370 so limited that plane unofficially pronounced vanished.


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[*] Warning. This is not an official statement neither from responsible authorities or official investigation reports. This is a fact build reflection based on information from listed sources. It made by enthusiasts who want to know, what really happened. The information can be uncompleted or inaccurate in some point, because some of hidden information that was unreachable to the authors.


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