The power of comparison…


People often think, that bloggers share ideas, that can help to other to get things right, to get things done. Is this true? It depends on who is commenting the subject and the level of the criticism in you. If somebody thinks that all those who express the ideas, thoughts and opinions should be heard, then I got another question. How do things like someone’s story about a great travel around the word or some far away country can help to those who is struggling with the life’s problems of some kind? It won’t be helpful. Therefore, some people might say, there are a lot of blogs with different specializations, so there is a big field for your research. Firstly, if somebody would do so, it would be a strong argument, but even then if somebody writes a story and shares a solution, it doesn’t mean that it will work for everybody (if it will work at all), and secondly, it also doesn’t mean that somebody is an expert in such issues. There are lot of opinions in the world that aren’t connected with the expert’s conclusions. Moreover, it could be a personal understanding of subjective matter.

Many of video blogger’s on YouTube, while commenting their achievement, are using self-advertisement by saying something like: “I was working hard and I became the best in something… Probably the best I know”. This “something” means whatever a narrator, a blogger, an entrepreneur or a regular YouTuber is explaining, commenting, teaching, advising. The last one part, mostly used without the word “probably” shows narrator’s confidence that among his friends, colleague, acquaintances there’s a lower levels of knowledge, practical skills or achievements. Also there could be a strong possibility, that mentioned above statement was compered to anybody else. It like somebody worked hard on something, get it done and thinks afterwords that it was the most requiring challenge in the life.

Meanwhile, from the objective point of view, it could be as good result as somebody’s or as mediocre as somebody’s. But it could be the best result for the person who achieved it or in the circle that he/she deals with. Thus, if somebody claims on the Internet that he or she thanks to self-efficacy got his own success, it seems to be either partly true, not true or even self-delusion. But if somebody knew that there are many people, who are much better, then it can be considered as a classic move of self-advertisement to make his/her words more significant, reliable and trustworthy. Hence, next time you the phrase: “the best I know”, you should suppose it as an act of serf-expression that suppose to make you focus on the topic.