When people have to choose…

It is not because people agree with that, it is not because it’s normal. People are affected by that. They try as hard as they can….and still they face a need to make  a life saving decision.

There are regions where unemployment is a commonly known fact. It is not because people agree with that, it is not because it’s normal. For some reason this is the state of things. People are affected by that.

If somebody would criticize such region, he could say  it’s hopeless, jobless with rude people. In their defense we would assume, they behave like that for a reason. Either they do not imagine different situation or it’s normal in unfriendly environment.

In first case, they even may not know that there are cultures where people are friendly to each other, where people try to care about those around them. This is a paradox of the situation, when people act weird but they don’t know it or the observer is weird and everybody is normal.

Another possible explanation is that everyone is normal but has their own way of thinking. If we analyze the situation in such manner, we should ask, what does it mean? Being normal it’s a relative term. What is normal for one person – is weird for another.

To get back to the point, the situation is much better in the regions where there is an opportunity. While in poor regions it is very depressive. People try as hard as they can to get a job, to get some money. Unfortunately, it is not goes well all the time…

When it happens, there are few limited options. We’re not going to discuss all of them but we’ll mention some. First one is to make a plan of your life, second – try hard. If it doesn’t work, try even harder but after that there is third option – try to look for better live somewhere else (but we do not suggest anything).

It is not only a delicate matter, but also a very hard decision. If people move to other regions, it could hard for some time, but they will use to it. It they move to other country, they leave their culture, take an effort to get to know a new language, if situation requires. In addition, they need to learn more, to get used to live in other society. This is a hard but sometimes it is necessary. For people from poor, hopeless regions and countries this is a life saving decision. They just try to make a better future. For some of them it is a dilemma, for others it is a challenge…


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