Mysteries of our time: Flight MH370. Part 1*

It happened on March 8, 2014 when aircraft MH370 flew over the Indian Ocean, from International Airport of Kuala Lumpur to Beijing (China). But it never reached its destination. What did happen with flight MH370?

This is one of modern mysteries of our time. It happened on March 8, 2014 when aircraft MH370 flied over the Indian Ocean. There were 239 people on board. It supposed to be a regular flight from International Airport of Kuala Lumpur to the capital of China – Beijing. The weather was good, nothing foretoken a danger or obstacles in air traffic. Among those on board there were 12 crew members, who carry out their daily duties.

The Boeing 777-200 ER that they were traveling on was made in 2002. Last technical review was on February 23, 2014. Since its first flight on May 14, 2002 he flew 53465 hours. Despite the good condition, the aircraft was repaired in August 2012. This was a result of minor fender bender which damaged the plane’s winglets. It took place at the International Airport of Shanghai where two planes bump their wings. After the reparations, the plane returned to the air fleet of Malaysia Airlines.

In that day, take-off was successful and as well as first hour of flight. This conclusion comes from the communication record between the pilots and flight controller. At 00:42 ATC (Air traffic control) informed the crew about entering KL radar 132.6 and wished them good night. Pilots confirmed the information.

Passengers felt relief and could unfasten the belts. Each of them was sure, that after a few hours the aircraft is landing in Beijing and they are going to do their business. Controllers who watched the flight did not registered deviations. Everything was going well.

The pilots contacted to ATC at 00:46:51. The conversation between the air traffic controller and the crew shows that plane supposed to go up. When it was at flight level 350 (35000 feet), the control tower (ATC) gave them instructions to switch between the communication channels to the Tower Chi Minh City 120.9 i wished a good night. At 01:19:29 pilots acknowledged further contact. No one knew that this is the last information that has been transferred from the plane.

The flight was lasting an hour. At 01:21 when flight MH370 was over the South China Sea, he disappeared from the radar. The attempts to establish a connection have been unsuccessful. It was unclear what happened?

In spite of fact that plane was lost on commercial airlines radar, it still was visible at military radar of Malaysian Army. They observed its activity and course deviations until 02:22 of local time. Afterward the signal faded out.

Shorty, there was a confirmation that aircraft has disappeared over the Andaman Sea, near the coast range of Malaysian town called Kota Bharu. It was tragedy. It was all over the news. People didn’t know how to react? It was unacceptable that in civilized time such big airliner as Boeing 777-200 can just disappear… Relatives, public, officials and specialists were confused and frustrated.

Malaysian authorities authorized search and rescue operation… But the weather in the Indian Ocean is very changeable. In addition in the time it was a monsoon season, which means that the ocean was very stormy and windy. All methods of air and sea search was ineffective. They needed to wait until the next day.

Read more in the second part…Mysteries of our time. Flight MH370. Part 2: The timeline of search & rescue missions


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[*] Warning. This is not an official statement neither from responsible authorities or official investigation reports. This is a fact build reflection based on information and articles from listed sources. It made by enthusiasts who want to know, what really happened. The information can be uncompleted or inaccurate in some point, because some hidden information.  


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