Healthy breakfast is important!

Day by day when people wake up they do their daily routine. Sometimes it’s becomes boring while in other times it feels as a part of everyday activity.  Then, coffee or tea and you are set to go to school, university or work. But before you do that, remember about nutritious breakfast that will give a vital energy for a whole day or at list for a half a day.

There are difference opinions how should it look  like? Is breakfast  suppose to be light or heavy, ordinary  or extraordinary?  Sure thing, that is  depends on your preferences and lifestyle. However, there are many people who think that breakfast suppose to be as light as possible. This is why some of them usually have just a coffee or cotton cheese as a morning meal.

Basically a cup coffee with nothing else it is not very healthy solution in the morning,  but it’s a matter of a habit. Some years ago, I had a very long discussion with the acquaintance, who thought that coffee is a great way to go, especially if you are in a rush. It could be a fastest way to focus your mind on something, but the price you pay is a negative impact on your health that can be noticed after long period of time.

Let’s get back to a breakfast type that you start your day with. When you at home or at your apartment you can cook whatever you want  as long as you have products in the fridge. Do you prefer light or heavy breakfast? It’s easier to choose when you are not in a hurry which happens seldom in nowadays. There are people, who even after all these warnings about unhealthy lifestyle, think that the best way to compose your breakfast is to buy croissant and some coffee. It’s very popular solution among the student and yang people generally. Most of the time they are either too busy to eat well or got a lack of  monetary assets that would provide them a nutritious breakfast. This is not how it suppose to be according to author’s view, but that’s it is now.

Meanwhile, people who travel a lot and stay at hotels that a richer choice in restaurants’ menus. All available options are listed and what they need to do is to make right choice. This last on could be a tricky process if visitors are not familiar with the local cuisine.

This is unwilling ignorance that  can lead to unpleasant situation. There was a story with one traveler who once visited  Vietnam. Local culinary tradition was a mysteries and unfamiliar to him. It could happened to everybody, but he was the one who experienced the surprise brought to him by unfamiliarity.  Therefore to make long story short it’s needless to say that he choose one of the dishes from the menu with the thought that he was ordering a chicken with some additional ingredients based on local culinary tradition. When he got his order that meal was delicious and so tasty. Everything seemed normal until the time when he learned that he ate well-prepared snake. This is an example, how important is the knowledge of local cuisine.      

When you stay in a hotel usually you have a few types of breakfast: Continental Breakfast, American Breakfast, English Breakfast, Indian Breakfast.

First one is associated with France where it was originated. Usually there are two options: either with the  hot beverages only such as coffee or tea or varieties of beverages: juice, tea, coffee with some croissants, rolls, brioche, toast etc.. It’s basically depends on hotel’s menu.

Second one is more nutritious because it contains cereals, eggs, jams, fruits and wide varieties of beverages. You can choose among: juice, milk, chocolate, coffee and tea. Therefore, as far as you can tell, it’s a heavy breakfast that can be or cannot be part of your diet.

Third one – English Breakfast is very extended and you can choose between about 11 courses of  delicious food. There are varieties  of beverages such as juices and cooked meals fish, meat and so on. Additionally you can choose from different types of cheese. Mostly it depends on offer of the restaurant. This type of breakfast can be considered as heavy one.

Indian food became very popular around the world, especially in the USA. Therefore, some hotels can offer meals of this cuisine. The variety of courses in Indian Breakfast depends on the restaurant of your choice, but basically there are few meals that you can find in the menu: Puree Bhajee, Masala, Samosa etc.. This type of breakfast consist some amounts of fat and can be considered as heavy breakfast as well.

Next time you visit hotel, you’ll know what kind of breakfast you’ll choose. Even you are not planning the trip, what type of breakfast you’ll eat tomorrow depends on you.



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