The power of comparison…


People often think, that bloggers share ideas, that can help to other to get things right, to get things done. Is this true? It depends on who is commenting the subject and the level of the criticism in you. If somebody thinks that all those who express the ideas, thoughts and opinions should be heard, then I got another question. How do things like someone’s story about a great travel around the word or some far away country can help to those who is struggling with the life’s problems of some kind? It won’t be helpful. Therefore, some people might say, there are a lot of blogs with different specializations, so there is a big field for your research. Firstly, if somebody would do so, it would be a strong argument, but even then if somebody writes a story and shares a solution, it doesn’t mean that it will work for everybody (if it will work at all), and secondly, it also doesn’t mean that somebody is an expert in such issues. There are lot of opinions in the world that aren’t connected with the expert’s conclusions. Moreover, it could be a personal understanding of subjective matter.

Many of video blogger’s on YouTube, while commenting their achievement, are using self-advertisement by saying something like: “I was working hard and I became the best in something… Probably the best I know”. This “something” means whatever a narrator, a blogger, an entrepreneur or a regular YouTuber is explaining, commenting, teaching, advising. The last one part, mostly used without the word “probably” shows narrator’s confidence that among his friends, colleague, acquaintances there’s a lower levels of knowledge, practical skills or achievements. Also there could be a strong possibility, that mentioned above statement was compered to anybody else. It like somebody worked hard on something, get it done and thinks afterwords that it was the most requiring challenge in the life.

Meanwhile, from the objective point of view, it could be as good result as somebody’s or as mediocre as somebody’s. But it could be the best result for the person who achieved it or in the circle that he/she deals with. Thus, if somebody claims on the Internet that he or she thanks to self-efficacy got his own success, it seems to be either partly true, not true or even self-delusion. But if somebody knew that there are many people, who are much better, then it can be considered as a classic move of self-advertisement to make his/her words more significant, reliable and trustworthy. Hence, next time you the phrase: “the best I know”, you should suppose it as an act of serf-expression that suppose to make you focus on the topic.


Facebook and German government are working together…

It’s not a secret that many people in Germany are not happy because of refugees who came from Syria, Afghanistan and other Arabic countries. What are they worrying about? Generally, their concerns go as far as safety and culture protection. These two issues impact people’s mood and social perception of the situation. This is a reason why yang people are against the idea to give them an asylum.

In modern world the best way to share your thoughts and ideas is to use social media. Many people have account on Facebook, where they wrote their views, described fears, showed attitude. The government has considered it as negative trend, mostly with hate speeches.

Social networking service can be a source of legal troubles. Three days ago German government asked Facebook Inc. to help monitor and shut down groups which are based on xenophobic views(1)(2). This means that the hate thoughts about immigrants will be punished as the law requires.

The non-profit organization called Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers(3) will make sure that all prohibited content will be removed from the Facebook. Therefore, German users should be careful what are writing about and be more politically correct, I guess. Is this good idea? We’ll see it later.

From looks of things, it’s needleless to remind that Facebook keep all your data and you should use caution when you write about different topics even if you think that they pure and simple. It’s because your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues read it and can get their own conclusion about you (sometimes very superficial, wrong and unfair).


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Healthy lifestyle…


There is no need to tell how important is a good nutrition in your life. I even do not need to, as I am not your dietitian. 😉

We watch this video by Adriana Blogger and we see that an amateur made it, but music is good.  Some of those statements need a correction and comment.

1. “Sleep well” is ok!

2. “Avoid snacks” – how can we do it, in out busy life? Snacks are not good for a health, but you cannot avoid it. You can just eat them rarely.

3. “Eat high protein food” it is good advise;

4. “Drink a lot of water” it is a wrong statement, because you should drink enough water which is depends on fact how busy your life is.

5. “Stop smoking and drinking” – “nobody” knew that… Of course if you are smoke as a choo choo train and drink alcohol as a water, you will lose your health.

6. “Don’t skip meals” – in nowadays, it is very hard to do;

7. “Avoid sweets” – ? – you should not eat a lot sweets – that is true. You cannot avoid them! Humans’ body naturally needs some sugar. Our organism regulates its level by naturally.

8. “Start exercising” – is good;

9. “Avoid stress” – I think it is impossible in our life, so you need to try keep calm;

10. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. – that is true! It should be a second point.

There are two pyramids. One is about good nutrition and second tells us about an outdoor activities.

Healthy nutrition

Picture shows us that we need to:

  1. Do  exercises
  2. Eat vegetables, healthy fats/oils, whole grains
  3. Eat nuts, beans and tofu;
  4. Eat fish, poultry and eggs
  5. Eat dairy products
  6. Eat red meat processed with meat and butter; refined grains: white rise, bread and pasta, potatoes etc..

Next picture demonstrates us hot to live a healthy life.

Outdoor activities

Once you are The Terminator…

Arnold Schwarzenegger is quite popular movie star. In this case we are not talking about Hollywood and entertainment industry. We are talking about YouTube.

I understand if he as a governor of California had a channel on popular video service.  He was a  politician and they need to be on public, but who could think that such popular star has a video blog?

I’ll be back!!!

Well, the truth is that some of his line are from movies and they are amusing. You remember time, back in 80 – 90’s when you were waiting in the line to buy a ticket to cinema… And now he says some of the popular lines on Youtube.

Some of them funny,  other even funnier. It make you smile! Like in this video, where Arnold Schwarzenegger says: “I had a fantastic time today! … Doing all these little [obscure word]. I’m sorry I didn’t get to all of you… but I promise you I’LL BE BACK!!!“. That what cheered me up!!! 😀


Progress is ON…



On Sep 27, 2013 Google has published a video called Google Search turns 15. It is all about their history, success and some projects that are going to help users make their life easier.

Google as a company has started on 1997. There were a lot of changes and transformations, new ideas and improvements. According to Amit Singhal (SVP, Search) company focuses of three important elements:

  1. Answers  – with knowledge graph, that helps you works and understand faster;
  2. Conversations – voice recognition; voice search;
  3. Anticipations  – additional information that you may like.

There are also projects that are going to work with search results faster. For example voice search can help you to compare some products that want to buy or help you to see a difference between two objects, planet or whatever you are looking for.

In this video Tamar Yehoshua has demonstrated an example how easily you can compare two kinds of oil just to see a nutrition list and two planets Earth and Neptune. There are a lot more functions.

As far as I can see, if you want to fully enjoy Google user experience, you need to have their products like Google Glasses or tablet called Google Nexus 7. It is hard to say are those electronic devises good or bad? One thing is for sure – Android operation system still has a lot of glitches in spite of all this hard work that Samsung did to make it good.  It still needs improvements…

I think you should watch this video, maybe you will discover something for yourself.

Wild hunter – Jaguar

Sport is a competitive activity, that gives an adrenalin and emotions to those, who takes part, to viewers and fans. In natural environment everything is different. There is no awards as we know it, there is no ratings, there is no money rewards…There is only one mistake can be done!

Jaguar  – a wild predator

Jaguar is big cat, that hunts pretty well. It is one of the largest feline after lion and tiger.  Its hunting skills are very good, as Jaguar’ major meal is meat. National Geographic filmed this animal during the hunt. Its moves very accurate.  According to Wikipedia, weights of its kind are in a range of 56–96 kg (124–211 lb). Big cat can carry wild animal that weights about 300 kg (660 lb).

In this video National Geographic shows a Jaguar, as very slowly and quite attacks caiman. Very important part of this video is narration. Dr. Luke Dollar made a good job. In spite of fact, that you know (or guess) how is it going to end, you still wonder what jaguar going to do next?  It is like you watch live a sport event where comments made by a professional narrator help you better understand the game.

Video has a hight quality and shows us real, brutal natural environment… It is about  Jaguar.

Wonders of Iceland

Incredible virgin nature is hirings many wonders which change your vision of the natural environment. This is Iceland – native land of geysers and many other marvelous things“!

There is a lot of interesting things in the world. In this lovely evening I have decided to write about something beautiful and natural… Accidentally, I found this video filmed by National Geographic team, combined by photographer Stian Rekdaland and published on Oct 8, 2013. This film is about virgin nature of Iceland that in spite of all those years of studies and scientific explorations, still has so many secrets. It is like Earth’s diary, where scientists “can read” about important events of planet’s life and discover deepest geological details of its birth.

Iceland is very interesting Nordic island country, where local inhabitants have developed extraordinary architecture like turf houses and stone buildings, which are tourist attractions. However, it is probably not a reason why thousands of tourists visit this country every year.

Most valuable treasures of Iceland are natural wonders. There are a lot of extinct volcanoes, active geysers, rivers and geothermal resources, which make this place perfect for movies like science-fictions about future… or an aliens’ invasion…

Joseph Kosinski  probably had this kind of thinking before he choose Iceland as a shooting area for his famous movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise…  Unfortunately this is a story, which we are not going to discuss in this post, because I already did it here.

For many generations places like Iceland were an inspiration for novels, poems, paintings and pictures which we are use now like wallpapers for our laptops and PCs.

When you are staying in place like that, there is no need to think hard, as ideas come by themselves.  Those peaceful places help us realize that our lives are moments of existence and we cannot afford to waste it. Thanks to them, we can understand meaning of a harmony.

Rocks, stones, mountains – all those geological formations take us to the exciting world of natural environment which wasn’t touched by the civilization. There are also creeks, rivers, bays with the purest water that you can possibly imagine…

There is also a natural visual effects called Northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. I have found this moment the most incredible part of the video. Those lights are insanely beautiful! After video was speed up a little you can realize that lights are kind of dancing on the sky.

Stunning Time-Lapse Video: Elemental Iceland has special atmosphere of natural wonders and cultural past that is connected with Viking’s lifestyle. Iceland is a place that you can recommend to your friends and acquaintances to visit. If you do it, you should remember – this country is a tough place and you will probably need a professional guide.