Movie The Tourist (2010). How “traveller” was the one…

The film, which we’ll write about is one of those films where you can understand the plot in the end. As far as I can see, there are some genres were mixed up. The movie is an action, a drama, a detective and very good quality movie.

The Scotland Yard is looking for a criminal Alexander Pears, which steals from mafia and thus multiply his wealth. However, the police do not care how he earns money; they are looking for him because he is a citizen of the United Kingdom and does not pay taxes. He hides so well that police and Interpol do not know how he even looks like. The viewer learns that the only person associated with this criminal is Elise Clifton-Ward (Angelina Jolie).

She is an under-cover agent and supposed to enter into trust, collect the evidence of his crimes and get information where it keeps the money. But she fell in love, and disappeared with him in an unknown direction. A few years later appeared on public again. Interpol began to track her activity with the hope that she may lead to Alexander Pears.

This adept, canny and experienced villain was very careful. He to stay under the radar, he usually communicate with Elise via letter of instruction. The film begins with the fact that the French Interpol spy upon sophisticated, which is Elise Clifton-Ward.

All begins in the restaurant.  She gets the letter, which says that she should go to the railway station and take the train.  During the trip she must find naïve simpleton that have the same stature as Pears. In this scenario she supposes to treat him as a boyfriend, so the police will think that this is Alexander Pears. She did it. Interpol, including Inspector John Acheson got confused…

In the end of the movie it turned out that this average American teacher from Wisconsin Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) was a Alexander Pears, who had plastic surgery. All those turns and twists allowed him to be unnoticed during whole movie.  Also it made possible to escape with his mistress…


Movies of 1980-s. Hot Pursuit…

Meanwhile, Dan’s “new friends” arrived to the hotel. Cronenbergs family were gone. They didn’t catch up with them… Dan learned that sailor also plans to chase the yacht…  The next morning he woke up on the boat. They were going after the yacht named Crystal Slipper.

In 80′s American cinematography’s products had a unique style. Those films were interesting, unexpected, full of events screenplays. Plot used to keep your attention. Modern movies are different. Some of them have a simple plotline, and some are full of special effects. In 1980s there was an unpredictable sequence of events. Many movies could guarantee you a good mood and positive emotions.

Hot Pursuit (1987) is one of them. It all started when the main character – Dan Bartlett (John Cusack) almost didn’t pass a chemistry exam.  It happened because instead of learning, he spent the evening arguing with his girlfriend about the importance of knowledge and the pizza (should they order some or not?).

The next morning went not so good, as he expected. He got only 58 of 100 points. Fortunately, his teacher Mr. Kowalski had a big, good heart and let him to supplement the answers. After it was done, he was free to travel with the Lori Cronenberg’s (Wendy Gazelle) family.

He almost missed the plane. When he finally arrived, it appeared that to get a taxi on the Caribbean Islands it is not an easy task.  He decided to go to the hotel with the friendly and seemingly good-natured strangers.

Along the way, their car stuck in the mud middle of the jungle. After the several attempts to solve the problem, all except Dan agreed to camp.  He tried to take car out of the mud using his knowledge of the laws of physics. In the late night he failed and went to sleep.

In the morning, when everyone was asleep, he decided to leave the camp and try to get to the hotel itself. This was one of those hasty decisions, which caused more problems than solve.

After a little walk in the wild, he found a way. It was too late. His girlfriend and his family left the hotel. Meanwhile, Dan’s “new friends” arrived to the hotel. They had recognized the girl and tried to to talk. Family was concerned about the safety and asked the concierge not to be bothered.

Cronenberg family left the hotel and went to a yacht. Dan and company were unable to catch up with them. It upset Dan.  He spent the night at the bar, where he met eccentric sailor. The conversation under the influence of alcoholic intoxication went very well. Dan learned that sailor also plans to chase the yacht…

The next morning Dan woke up in a boat. They were going after the yacht named Crystal Slipper.  After several days at sea with the strange captain, he realized that this is enough of this journey. When the boat was in the harbor, he jumped into the water. When he reached the shore, local police arrested him and gave 6 years of imprisonment without the trial.

When the situation came to a standstill and it seemed that there is no exit, the captain appeared and freed Dan. During the chase, main character learned that the yacht is hijacked. Meanwhile, a team member who belonged to a criminal group eliminated the captain and took Cronenbergs as the hostages.

Dan came to Laguna Del Mar, where Lori Cronenberg stayed with his family and decided to call. Nobody picked up the phone because hijackers were in their room. There was a hostage situation. Den looked around.   There was a yacht which he was looking for. So, he came aboard.

Pirates were there and were thinking what to do with the family. Dan took action and found the way to save Cronenbergs’ family. There were shootings, explosions and chases. Dan looked like a Rambo, acted almost the same. When they defeated the bad guys, Dan and his girlfriend Lori Cronenberg went on a romantic trip yacht. This is a basic sketch of the story.

In my opinion movie team did a great job. They even showed a little parody, how people in Central and South America understand the democracy.  When Dan took his flight to Laguna Del Mar, stewardess unexpectedly asked about the destination. People voted by raising hands. When Dan said that this is wrong, the stewardess asked why? It’s democracy! That is just one funny moment, but there were many of them.

The film is incredibly interesting and deserves your attention. There are a lot of interesting moments and unexpected turns. I’d recommend it!

Once you are The Terminator…

Arnold Schwarzenegger is quite popular movie star. In this case we are not talking about Hollywood and entertainment industry. We are talking about YouTube.

I understand if he as a governor of California had a channel on popular video service.  He was a  politician and they need to be on public, but who could think that such popular star has a video blog?

I’ll be back!!!

Well, the truth is that some of his line are from movies and they are amusing. You remember time, back in 80 – 90’s when you were waiting in the line to buy a ticket to cinema… And now he says some of the popular lines on Youtube.

Some of them funny,  other even funnier. It make you smile! Like in this video, where Arnold Schwarzenegger says: “I had a fantastic time today! … Doing all these little [obscure word]. I’m sorry I didn’t get to all of you… but I promise you I’LL BE BACK!!!“. That what cheered me up!!! 😀


Pacific Rim…

A premier of sci-fi action Pacific Rim was a few months ago, on 12 July 2013. Inspire of its huge budget 190 million U.S. dollars movie is mediocre with some illogical moves which lead viewer to nowhere…

It is all about animation and visual effects. Looks like filmmakers didn’t want to make it interesting in traditional way by making audience think what is going to happen next? They made it spectacular thanks to progress of computer animation.

A script is simple – alien life forms have appeared and attacked. World needed to fight back and to win those battles. Sounds like a typical PC game, however movie trailer suggests otherwise.

A whole conception of Pacific Rim is common as a newspaper, which lies on the table, but the place where aliens come from is new. We already saw aliens arrive from space in such movies as: Aliens (1986), Predator (1987), Mars Attacks! (1996), Independence Day (1996) and Men in black 1-3; sometimes they appear from other dimension The Mist (2007); in other cases they live among us: The Faculty (1998), and they try to kill humankind from space: Starship Troopers (1997).

An invasion from ocean is a very rare idea. There is one movie that I remember called Sphere (1998) where aliens were deep into ocean. It is not because they have a portal down there, it is because they have crash landed many years ago. Everything different with Pacific Rim…

Is this movie interesting? There is no need to give an answer because I am going to show you some numbers. To do that I have chosen three common sites:, and

On, 131 189 users have voted and gave this movie 7.4 scores from 10. On 121 481 users rated this movie to 3.9 from 5. On 973 users gave 7.7 points from 10. How would you rate this movie?

Short plot
Aliens life forms (technically amorphous monsters ) – Kaiju came to Earth through the portal they build under the Pacific Rim. They destroyed big cities. Humanity needed to fight them. Weapons, tanks, helicopters, jets were not effective. Therefore people builds gigantic robots to fight monsters, instead to drop a nuclear bomb on their location. Robots were complicated and required two pilots to navigate and fight. Their brains connect during the action, so pilots’ heads were like a one mind, which allows to browse each other’s memories.
The movie starts with a tragic because during the fight one pilot gets killed, enormous robot gets a big damage… After that governments shots down the program, but marshal, who was in charge, decides to continue it in Hong Kong by himself.
There many battles, which reminded me for some reasons old PC mage called Mortal Combat. There is few failures and few men last… Situation gets very serious and in some point one scientist realizes that he can connect with Kaiju, learn their weakness and end these battles once and for all… He discovers, how to destroy a portal and share this knowledge. Last battle and it is over.

Guys from HISHEdotcom have made an alternative end which kind of better than original 😉

My opinion…
As far as I can see this movie is totally ridiculous. It made me bored a little. The idea was kind of new, but script is simple. It is too much visual effects on it. Those monsters they look like stone sculptures… There is nothing interesting about this movie except it an action with monsters.

There is an interesting facts about this movie made by CinemaTrailerSin

After all those curiosities that we talked about, you decide do you like it or not!

Back to the… Terminator?

Many of us have seen two popular movies – Terminator and Back to the future. All of them are about space travel. The difference is a genre. 

Back to the future is adventure comedy from 1985 about genius scientist Dr. Emmett Brown who works on time travel machine and gets it done. After that, he and his teenage friend Marty McFly have all sorts of time travel and adventures.

The Terminator is popular sci-fi action from 1984 with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is about a robot assassin who came from the future to kill a waitress, whose son was going to lead humanity against the machines. There is a few changes like enemies become friends and friends become enemies… Movie is interesting. Some critics say that it is one of the best movies of its time.

The Terminator

In previous post, I’ve written about HISHEdotcom guys, who basically do a good alternative endings for popular movies. There is one of those animations.

Few years ago on Sep 30, 2009, they have mixed both those movies and made funny end. A beginning is mysterious and you recognize a parody to The Terminator, where machine wanted to kill a son of that waitress Sarah Connor… but then they decided to kill an inventor of time travel machine Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the future movie… An action begins…

As for me, I like that moment where Dr. Emmett Brown is asking about time travel: “You telling me… [that]  in a future machine will use that technology to execute just one man…“, and Terminator says him that correct word not “execute“, but “terminate“.  That is an amusing moment! There is more!

You should definitely watch this video! 😉

Just to be clear I am no promoting HISHEdotcom on purpose… They did a good work and I like it.

P.S. Feel free to live comments 🙂

Oblivion with Tom Cruise…

Oblivion – one of those movies where humanity have to fight with aliens. Main character is Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) discovers what happened and saves Earth and humanity by blowing up aliens’ main control center – Tetrahedron

Few months ago was a premier of Tom Cruise’s new movie – Oblivion. As I have written before this movie is fantasy of one actor, read more in my review here. Film has a weird happy ending when Jack Harper or his clone meets his wife – Julia Harper. Everybody happy! Julia has a husband, her daughter has a father. One clone has died and saved the Earth. No a big deal! Except that, bunch of rebels guys have arrived… This is how this movie ends.

Short animation movie by HISHEdotcom on May 10, 2013 on YouTube shows how movie ending could go if it was  in real life… I didn’t mean to give a credit to guys who made it, but they did a good parody. It is funny! The most important thing that parody is logical… If there were many Jack Harper’s clones out there, so there were a lot of Victorias 🙂

Have fun during watching! 😀

Singham – lion from Bollywood


Singham – is an action made in Bollywood (India) in 2011. The movie is about village policeman, who fights against local mafia, violence and corruption. Special effects are absolutely crazy and plot is kind of too. If you like an action with drama and comedy elements this movie is for you!

Bollywood-made films are totally different from Hollywood and European movies. Usually they have a simple plot with many unrealistic effects. Songs are very important part. Sometimes you even can lose a track what is all about. Honestly, I am not a big fan of cinema of India, but this action is OK. Singham (ENG. – Lion) is modern movie about police.  There is a lot of special effects, actions, songs and dances.

I’ve watched this movie… and it is good just for one time. In second time it becomes annoying. Maybe it is because of duration (142 minutes). It is hard to say. What is easy to tell that movie is overload with special effects and montages. In the middle of the movie all those montage tricks make you tired… Therefore, as I have written – this movie is good for a first time.

The movie begins with a pre-story about honest police officer – Rakesh Kadam, who was convinced with corruption. His mental tortures caused him a suicide. His wife knew a criminal who did it to him. His name was Jaikant Shikre – local “businessman” whose earnings comes mostly from illegal affairs like blackmail, murders, kidnapping and corruption. Just to show how bad this guy is, there are scenes, where his is telling that he has choked a kid and has tried to kidnap other one. He was a really bad character.

Rakesh Kadam’s wife knew that his influences caused her husband a suicide; she has gone to him with the media and said that somebody will do him a justice… The movie begins with the song like a TV show!

Singham is shoving up from a dirty Indian pool or river… It is hard to say, but it is easy to notice that water is very dirty… The point is that hero came in! He likes his police station, helps to local inhabitants, and follows the rules. Law is most important thing for him. He even borrows money to debtors that got into troubles with loan sharks.

Story shows us that he is a good character. In some point Singham met Kavya a lovely girl – daughter of successful businessman Gautam Bhosle from Goya city. They fell in love.

After a few good guys-bad guys epic biting and a song (in Indian movies it is a standard) Jaikant Shikre has sent his man to sight on his bail papers. That unacceptable act has made Singham very mad and he demanded Jaikant come personally. This demanding was intolerable for such serious corrupted criminal. He has arrived to the village and tried to sustain a pressure to Singham, but villagers took axes, pitchforks, baseball bats and made a little force demonstration.

A situation like that was a last straw. Jaikant Shikre uses his political connections to transfer Singham to Goa, where he will not have a support from locals and it will be easier to make a revanche. Singham joined Colva police station, where policemen had not influence to a local criminal Jaikant Shikre. He was to powerful and his connections were too strong. Because of corruption, law didn’t work there.

Inspire of that Singham tries to make a case, but he fails at first time. Everybody either scared or connected with mafia. He started to get despaired. He could do anything… Jaikant case was torturing him mentally. However, Singham has arrested Shiva – one of Jaikant’s top leaders and made a fake case of illegal alcohol contraband. Story becomes more complicated…

Jaikant Shikre kidnaps younger sister of Singham’s girlfriend … While working on this case, Singham gathers more evidence but they were useful as Jaikant Shikre has won an elections and became a minister of Goa. After that he gives an order to transfer Singham back to the village Shivgarh. Before he goes, he talks with his supervisor DGP Pawar about justice…Afterwards DGP Pawar decides to help him fight a criminal.

Most of police officers come to Jaikant Shikre and sustain a psychical pressure on him… He escapes, but gets arrested in the next morning. After mental torture, he kills himself. DGP Pawar announces to the media that Rakesh Kadam – officer that killed himself on the beginning of the movie is innocent. Police officers salute to Megha Kadam – wife of Rakesh Kadam.

The end! Finally! 🙂