People are distracted…

People are distracted by sudden and unexpected twists on the international level, lately. There are different comments about it. Bloggers and journalists call them changes, politics, tensions and they got a point. Whatever it is, it happens so fast that people are not able to follow it. Technically, these events can be considered as changes cased by mentioned above. They are like traces of the brush, which an artist has put on the picture. The picture in this case is the history of humanity, and the artists are politicians, social activists, decision-makers. In present days, they are literary preparing a ground of economical and social reality for future generations. Do they realize it?

News is not so intense as mass media try to show us. The news agencies intensify the information steam for the sensation. It is good for rankings and its increases their audience. The bigger audience they have, the bigger income they will get.

When you try to read news portals they are kind of “punching” you with “breaking news” and other banners. As far as I can guess that was a reason, why popular internet browsers have developed such option as “reading mode”. It is very useful and helps to concentrate on the important stuff.

There are a lot of different methods to make a news feed. For example, in the USA, the Fox News channel is all about domestic events and news. They use “sandwich” technique that is not too disturbing for a viewer. They put the bad news then the good news and so on. The CNN is about international news. Their technique is diverse, but their news feed mostly focuses on negative events such as: conflicts, wars, economical crisis etc.. The competition between the news agencies make news too bright and to intense.

Some people got “their” methods to protect themselves from changes and information. They’ve stopped watching news.This solution doesn’t solve the problem. They still have a fear of changes and negative influence of information, plus they closed themselves for new ideas. It seems that it was a step forward to the ignorance. To avoid it, it’s important to know what is going on in the world we’re living at, but to be calm about the events, and do not take it too seriously unless you need to take some measures.

The interesting thing is that most of information are based on negative events. Some of them can strike fear into the audience, because of the way how they were shown. Is everything bad? No, it’s not! Where are events with the positive impact on those who will read, hear or watch about them? They are among us, you just need to see it. Except that, people are looking for something exiting and new, that they’ve never heard before. In this point, they do not appropriate news about something mediocre that they have everyday, even if it’s something good and accessible.


Everybody’s heard about the… Iron

In this short text we’ll write about main facts of another element from periodic table. As the title suggests everyone know what is it, but there are some interesting facts that you may not know. Therefore, we won’t describe some scientific details, just a few facts.
1. Iron has a lot of compounds. For most people the word is associating with something strong and almost unbreakable. This is why we often hear such titles such as: Iron Eagle (1986), Iron Man (2008) etc..
2. In Latin it calls Ferrum. Most celestial bodies in the Universe are either made of it or contain its compounds. It can be found almost on most astronomical objects in the space for instance on the: comets, asteroids, meteorites, planets and so on. Even stars have iron.
Curiosity. The most interesting thing is that stars convert hydrogen into helium during the nuclear fusion. When it runs out of helium it switches to other compounds such as: carbon and oxygen. This process goes until nothing left but iron. When it happens, the core of the star becomes heavy and collapses inward creating a black hole. Our star – The Sun is too small to do that, so theoretically it will stop and will become a white dwarf [2]. Afterwards it will cool down slowly [1].
3. It is a common element on Earth. In fact, it’s so common that every one of us can say that “an iron is in my blood“! The blood is red because hemoglobin has iron ions in it.
4. Iron compounds are very important for the industry. Archaeological founds shows that in general they were used since ancient times. The Roman god Mars (Greek Ares) and the iron had the same symbol.
These just commonly known facts. There is a lot more interesting information that you can find. So, go ahead and discover new things!
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Everybody’s heard about the… Helium

HeliumHelium is one of the most common elements in the universe. It was considered to be a noble gas. It is non-toxic, inert, colorless gas. Helium got its name for the Greek god of the Sun – Helios. This name couldn’t be more appropriate because most stars in the universe are powered by nuclear fusion that coverts Hydrogen to Helium. The sun contains 91.2% of Hydrogen, 8.7% of Helium, 0.078% of Oxygen and 0.043% of Carbon.
Here on Earth, 0.00052% of Helium is concentrated in the atmosphere. Most of it comes from the beneath the ground. Therefore, natural gas extraction can provide almost 7% of the noble gas. The biggest extractor is USA. They make almost 78% of world’s production.
There are some predictions that after 20-25 years humanity will run out of helium. This will make it very expensive because many brunches of the industry are “addicted” to this gas. With no helium beneath the Earth, scientist will develop new methods to extract it from the air. Thus, it can become 10 000 times more expensive.
In United States prices for helium had been frozen until this year. Later there will be some minor changes and according to the law they will be frozen for some time again. The professor of Physics at Cornell University, Nobel Prize winner – Robert C. Richardson says that according to his calculations, today the real cost for a balloon filled with helium is suppose to  be around 100 U.S. dollars while market prices as low as 0.03$ per each.
People know helium for its properties to change people’s voices. This trick is commonly used at the birthday’s party and other events where people are looking for the ways to be amused. The temporary voice change happens because helium increases frequencies of the vocal tract.  As the result person, who breathed in the gas from the party balloon sounds as the characters from Disney cartoons Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers (1989–1990) or Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007). This is the same effect that you can hear when you listen speed up voice record. Many people find it amusing.
The helium without the doubts is one of the most important elements on the Earth and even more important in the universe. The industrial production as well as common life would be difficult without it. So, next time you see He symbol in Mendeleev’s periodic table of the elements think about it.

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Cell phone “armor” that protected its owner in Paris…

There is a story behind the every story. This one took place in Paris around 11:00 PM during the ongoing deadly mayhem. One man who would like to stay anonymous and called himself Sylvester was walking on the street. In modern days most of us use the cell phone as a little helper and communication device. He was no different, but the circumstances were. From looks of thing we can conclude that he wasn’t aware that in that evening particular street was dangerous with the possibility  either to get wounded by bullet directly or by the ricochet.

He was talking on the phone about his business. He was just a pedestrian walking on the street with his phone…

In other part on the city multiple shots were fired… Echo of ongoing action could be heard from far away. People were scared running for their lives… Local residents got confused for a moment and then they scared for their lives as well. In other part on town those who were brave enough started to film what was going on. In that time they didn’t know what was happening. That is why on video you can hear the question: “Qu’est-ce qu’il se passe?” [What’s going on?]

Meanwhile, when Sylvester was crossing the street near the Stade de France – the stadium in the Paris, suddenly powerful exposition blown away everything to a small bits. Debris were flying around… Some of them has hit Sylvester… Happily his cell phone took an impact and saved man’s life. Latter, shocked survivor said if cell phone didn’t shield his head he would receive life-threatening injuries and wouldn’t be alive.  The cell phone literally protected him.

Source: 14/11/2015 CNN

News & mood…

Political situation in the world changed a lot during the last few years. As far as we can see there are many events that can have negative impact on us. Crisis after crisis, conflict after conflict, bad economy and many more news deeply affect out mood and perception of the reality. Some people even try to analyze situation and try to find the reason of all those stressful events. They read a lot of books, which is a good thing, watch documentary movies, news etc. What is really bothering them? Sometimes it is a curiosity and the hunger for information, but sometimes it is a fear of instability and uncertainty.

The natural state of human mind is to feel safe, and be comfortable. This is why in all commercials they offer you something that sounds reasonable, like a good deal if buy it, you’ll something: prestige, respect, comfort, even profit. When you watch news the event that you didn’t like affect your mind more than positive things. That is why some channel bases their news feed mostly on that kind of events. People watch it, think about and discuss it. The rating is going high, channel gets an income, but viewers get fear about the present and the future.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean that channel showed whole truth. They just could focus on things that will attract the audience, while the objective picture remains untold. Therefore, you should keep your distance from the information you hear in different channels.

The news feed about all sorts of crisis and disasters are not necessarily prettified by the reporters. In nowadays the political situation in the world became unpredictable, the climate is changing and there are a lot of conflicts. Reporters usually looks for is a sensation. This is why they concentrate on things that seem to be interesting or controversial.

Once you understood the concept of news preparation, you should compare different sources to get an objective picture of the event, which sometimes can trigger a chain reaction. This means that different news agencies write about the same event with the minor alterations. Hence, you learn more after a while, when details will became available.

The travel story. At bazaar…

This story has happened in Egypt. Few tourists knew the rumors that if you visit the country, it should definitely go to the market. So they decided to take a short walk.
Now the English language is widely known language, so people who know it, it’s not a problem to get to any place. After they reached the point, they were walking around and decided to buy incense sticks. At first stand they asked salesman about them, but the merchant but did have that kind of merchandise. His English was almost perfect, so he offered to help. However, he had something else in mind
The group of three people was walking from stand to stand and merchandiser was with them. The interesting thing is that he was the one who did the talking in English (!). Almost in every point he was asking salesmen about  incense sticks. Finally, when they found some that cost 1$ per each, Egyptian asked tourists, will you buy it for 3$ per each (from me)?


Facebook and German government are working together…

It’s not a secret that many people in Germany are not happy because of refugees who came from Syria, Afghanistan and other Arabic countries. What are they worrying about? Generally, their concerns go as far as safety and culture protection. These two issues impact people’s mood and social perception of the situation. This is a reason why yang people are against the idea to give them an asylum.

In modern world the best way to share your thoughts and ideas is to use social media. Many people have account on Facebook, where they wrote their views, described fears, showed attitude. The government has considered it as negative trend, mostly with hate speeches.

Social networking service can be a source of legal troubles. Three days ago German government asked Facebook Inc. to help monitor and shut down groups which are based on xenophobic views(1)(2). This means that the hate thoughts about immigrants will be punished as the law requires.

The non-profit organization called Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers(3) will make sure that all prohibited content will be removed from the Facebook. Therefore, German users should be careful what are writing about and be more politically correct, I guess. Is this good idea? We’ll see it later.

From looks of things, it’s needleless to remind that Facebook keep all your data and you should use caution when you write about different topics even if you think that they pure and simple. It’s because your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues read it and can get their own conclusion about you (sometimes very superficial, wrong and unfair).


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