People are distracted…

People are distracted by sudden and unexpected twists on the international level, lately. There are different comments about it. Bloggers and journalists call them changes, politics, tensions and they got a point. Whatever it is, it happens so fast that people are not able to follow it. Technically, these events can be considered as changes cased by mentioned above. They are like traces of the brush, which an artist has put on the picture. The picture in this case is the history of humanity, and the artists are politicians, social activists, decision-makers. In present days, they are literary preparing a ground of economical and social reality for future generations. Do they realize it?

News is not so intense as mass media try to show us. The news agencies intensify the information steam for the sensation. It is good for rankings and its increases their audience. The bigger audience they have, the bigger income they will get.

When you try to read news portals they are kind of “punching” you with “breaking news” and other banners. As far as I can guess that was a reason, why popular internet browsers have developed such option as “reading mode”. It is very useful and helps to concentrate on the important stuff.

There are a lot of different methods to make a news feed. For example, in the USA, the Fox News channel is all about domestic events and news. They use “sandwich” technique that is not too disturbing for a viewer. They put the bad news then the good news and so on. The CNN is about international news. Their technique is diverse, but their news feed mostly focuses on negative events such as: conflicts, wars, economical crisis etc.. The competition between the news agencies make news too bright and to intense.

Some people got “their” methods to protect themselves from changes and information. They’ve stopped watching news.This solution doesn’t solve the problem. They still have a fear of changes and negative influence of information, plus they closed themselves for new ideas. It seems that it was a step forward to the ignorance. To avoid it, it’s important to know what is going on in the world we’re living at, but to be calm about the events, and do not take it too seriously unless you need to take some measures.

The interesting thing is that most of information are based on negative events. Some of them can strike fear into the audience, because of the way how they were shown. Is everything bad? No, it’s not! Where are events with the positive impact on those who will read, hear or watch about them? They are among us, you just need to see it. Except that, people are looking for something exiting and new, that they’ve never heard before. In this point, they do not appropriate news about something mediocre that they have everyday, even if it’s something good and accessible.


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