Everybody’s heard about the… Iron

In this short text we’ll write about main facts of another element from periodic table. As the title suggests everyone know what is it, but there are some interesting facts that you may not know. Therefore, we won’t describe some scientific details, just a few facts.
1. Iron has a lot of compounds. For most people the word is associating with something strong and almost unbreakable. This is why we often hear such titles such as: Iron Eagle (1986), Iron Man (2008) etc..
2. In Latin it calls Ferrum. Most celestial bodies in the Universe are either made of it or contain its compounds. It can be found almost on most astronomical objects in the space for instance on the: comets, asteroids, meteorites, planets and so on. Even stars have iron.
Curiosity. The most interesting thing is that stars convert hydrogen into helium during the nuclear fusion. When it runs out of helium it switches to other compounds such as: carbon and oxygen. This process goes until nothing left but iron. When it happens, the core of the star becomes heavy and collapses inward creating a black hole. Our star – The Sun is too small to do that, so theoretically it will stop and will become a white dwarf [2]. Afterwards it will cool down slowly [1].
3. It is a common element on Earth. In fact, it’s so common that every one of us can say that “an iron is in my blood“! The blood is red because hemoglobin has iron ions in it.
4. Iron compounds are very important for the industry. Archaeological founds shows that in general they were used since ancient times. The Roman god Mars (Greek Ares) and the iron had the same symbol.
These just commonly known facts. There is a lot more interesting information that you can find. So, go ahead and discover new things!
Sources (19/11/2015):

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