Cell phone “armor” that protected its owner in Paris…

There is a story behind the every story. This one took place in Paris around 11:00 PM during the ongoing deadly mayhem. One man who would like to stay anonymous and called himself Sylvester was walking on the street. In modern days most of us use the cell phone as a little helper and communication device. He was no different, but the circumstances were. From looks of thing we can conclude that he wasn’t aware that in that evening particular street was dangerous with the possibility  either to get wounded by bullet directly or by the ricochet.

He was talking on the phone about his business. He was just a pedestrian walking on the street with his phone…

In other part on the city multiple shots were fired… Echo of ongoing action could be heard from far away. People were scared running for their lives… Local residents got confused for a moment and then they scared for their lives as well. In other part on town those who were brave enough started to film what was going on. In that time they didn’t know what was happening. That is why on video you can hear the question: “Qu’est-ce qu’il se passe?” [What’s going on?]

Meanwhile, when Sylvester was crossing the street near the Stade de France – the stadium in the Paris, suddenly powerful exposition blown away everything to a small bits. Debris were flying around… Some of them has hit Sylvester… Happily his cell phone took an impact and saved man’s life. Latter, shocked survivor said if cell phone didn’t shield his head he would receive life-threatening injuries and wouldn’t be alive.  The cell phone literally protected him.

Source: 14/11/2015 CNN


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