News & mood…

Political situation in the world changed a lot during the last few years. As far as we can see there are many events that can have negative impact on us. Crisis after crisis, conflict after conflict, bad economy and many more news deeply affect out mood and perception of the reality. Some people even try to analyze situation and try to find the reason of all those stressful events. They read a lot of books, which is a good thing, watch documentary movies, news etc. What is really bothering them? Sometimes it is a curiosity and the hunger for information, but sometimes it is a fear of instability and uncertainty.

The natural state of human mind is to feel safe, and be comfortable. This is why in all commercials they offer you something that sounds reasonable, like a good deal if buy it, you’ll something: prestige, respect, comfort, even profit. When you watch news the event that you didn’t like affect your mind more than positive things. That is why some channel bases their news feed mostly on that kind of events. People watch it, think about and discuss it. The rating is going high, channel gets an income, but viewers get fear about the present and the future.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean that channel showed whole truth. They just could focus on things that will attract the audience, while the objective picture remains untold. Therefore, you should keep your distance from the information you hear in different channels.

The news feed about all sorts of crisis and disasters are not necessarily prettified by the reporters. In nowadays the political situation in the world became unpredictable, the climate is changing and there are a lot of conflicts. Reporters usually looks for is a sensation. This is why they concentrate on things that seem to be interesting or controversial.

Once you understood the concept of news preparation, you should compare different sources to get an objective picture of the event, which sometimes can trigger a chain reaction. This means that different news agencies write about the same event with the minor alterations. Hence, you learn more after a while, when details will became available.


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