The travel story. At bazaar…

This story has happened in Egypt. Few tourists knew the rumors that if you visit the country, it should definitely go to the market. So they decided to take a short walk.
Now the English language is widely known language, so people who know it, it’s not a problem to get to any place. After they reached the point, they were walking around and decided to buy incense sticks. At first stand they asked salesman about them, but the merchant but did have that kind of merchandise. His English was almost perfect, so he offered to help. However, he had something else in mind
The group of three people was walking from stand to stand and merchandiser was with them. The interesting thing is that he was the one who did the talking in English (!). Almost in every point he was asking salesmen about  incense sticks. Finally, when they found some that cost 1$ per each, Egyptian asked tourists, will you buy it for 3$ per each (from me)?



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