After the moorage…

Lazzara” 80′ Alchemist

Metaphor is a good way to go.
There are some places that are graveyards for old ships. Sometimes these aged, corroded vessels sink. If it goes fast, it can create a whirlpool. If it’s a long-term process it can last for years and nobody will notice until the ship is under the water way below the waterline.

There are many new kinds of vessels: yachts, cobles, cutters, ferries and so on. These are new generation that need to discover new expanses of the ocean or rivers. This is the main purpose, what those vessels were built for. Otherwise, if they moored to a pier they may get old, corroded, useful. After the damage caused by aging, it won’t be the same.

That is why most ship owner usually give it a good use for intended purposes. It would be unwise to have a boat or a yacht and keep anchored until it gets damaged. 


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