Movie The Tourist (2010). How “traveller” was the one…

The film, which we’ll write about is one of those films where you can understand the plot in the end. As far as I can see, there are some genres were mixed up. The movie is an action, a drama, a detective and very good quality movie.

The Scotland Yard is looking for a criminal Alexander Pears, which steals from mafia and thus multiply his wealth. However, the police do not care how he earns money; they are looking for him because he is a citizen of the United Kingdom and does not pay taxes. He hides so well that police and Interpol do not know how he even looks like. The viewer learns that the only person associated with this criminal is Elise Clifton-Ward (Angelina Jolie).

She is an under-cover agent and supposed to enter into trust, collect the evidence of his crimes and get information where it keeps the money. But she fell in love, and disappeared with him in an unknown direction. A few years later appeared on public again. Interpol began to track her activity with the hope that she may lead to Alexander Pears.

This adept, canny and experienced villain was very careful. He to stay under the radar, he usually communicate with Elise via letter of instruction. The film begins with the fact that the French Interpol spy upon sophisticated, which is Elise Clifton-Ward.

All begins in the restaurant.  She gets the letter, which says that she should go to the railway station and take the train.  During the trip she must find naïve simpleton that have the same stature as Pears. In this scenario she supposes to treat him as a boyfriend, so the police will think that this is Alexander Pears. She did it. Interpol, including Inspector John Acheson got confused…

In the end of the movie it turned out that this average American teacher from Wisconsin Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) was a Alexander Pears, who had plastic surgery. All those turns and twists allowed him to be unnoticed during whole movie.  Also it made possible to escape with his mistress…


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