When song gives a better understanding of the emotions

On the Eurovision contest 2015 there were a lot of good songs that deserves an attention. Bloggers wrote many articles about it, so you are free to check it out. There is one song that made me write a little reflection. John Karagiannis from Cyprus performed with the song “One Thing I Should Have Done”. The songs itself is a good tune, the lyrics even better. All words are meaningful, but we’ll focus on the passage: I always did everything for you, I gave you my heart, you gave me yours too…”.

No need to be an expert in love relationships to say what whose words are about? In spite of that not all people understand the deeper meaning of those words. For some people words are just words. This is basically means that they understand only information without the emotional context. When it happens, there is no emotional connection between the people. Moreover, it is hard to establish it.

Why is it happens to some people? It is hard to give a precise answer. If you got an answer, let me know in commentary section.


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