People’s attitude…

People have their own ideas, lifestyle, behavior, tastes etc.. They have their own motivation which leads them thought the situation. But there are some societies, where real motivation comes from the tradition or traditional actions. It could be also connected with the fear to be “different”, to be a person that most people would reject because of different views or way of thinking.

This is an example or hard way to live among the society. Some people even have a recipe for good life in such situation. They just do not care. Sure thing, this is an extremity of the views, but it helps them to deal with the situation, I guess. The danger is that such actions can cause alienation and loneliness, even if there are many people around.

In fact, people’s perception of the reality is relative. The things which are right for one person could be weird to another. Therefore, if somebody got judgmental attitude, it comes from his believes or the vision how things suppose to be. In this case, do-not-care attitude is not a good solution because it leads people to nowhere. Instead of taking steps to find a consensus and deal with the situation, they can lock themselves in their own world created by the emotions, great expectations and ambitions.

So, the basic question is how to deal with that? From the one hand, some people want to be different and try to find something unique about themselves, from the other hand; it is hard to do it in the societies with strong historical and traditional heritage which puts people into pressure to follow it. And such attitude as do-not-care is not a reasonable solution. Thus, which one is? As it was written, everyone got his ideas, but still the moderations seems to be a good suggestion.


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