Once you are The Terminator…

Arnold Schwarzenegger is quite popular movie star. In this case we are not talking about Hollywood and entertainment industry. We are talking about YouTube.

I understand if he as a governor of California had a channel on popular video service.  He was a  politician and they need to be on public, but who could think that such popular star has a video blog?

I’ll be back!!!

Well, the truth is that some of his line are from movies and they are amusing. You remember time, back in 80 – 90’s when you were waiting in the line to buy a ticket to cinema… And now he says some of the popular lines on Youtube.

Some of them funny,  other even funnier. It make you smile! Like in this video, where Arnold Schwarzenegger says: “I had a fantastic time today! … Doing all these little [obscure word]. I’m sorry I didn’t get to all of you… but I promise you I’LL BE BACK!!!“. That what cheered me up!!! 😀



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