Healthy lifestyle…


There is no need to tell how important is a good nutrition in your life. I even do not need to, as I am not your dietitian. 😉

We watch this video by Adriana Blogger and we see that an amateur made it, but music is good.  Some of those statements need a correction and comment.

1. “Sleep well” is ok!

2. “Avoid snacks” – how can we do it, in out busy life? Snacks are not good for a health, but you cannot avoid it. You can just eat them rarely.

3. “Eat high protein food” it is good advise;

4. “Drink a lot of water” it is a wrong statement, because you should drink enough water which is depends on fact how busy your life is.

5. “Stop smoking and drinking” – “nobody” knew that… Of course if you are smoke as a choo choo train and drink alcohol as a water, you will lose your health.

6. “Don’t skip meals” – in nowadays, it is very hard to do;

7. “Avoid sweets” – ? – you should not eat a lot sweets – that is true. You cannot avoid them! Humans’ body naturally needs some sugar. Our organism regulates its level by naturally.

8. “Start exercising” – is good;

9. “Avoid stress” – I think it is impossible in our life, so you need to try keep calm;

10. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. – that is true! It should be a second point.

There are two pyramids. One is about good nutrition and second tells us about an outdoor activities.

Healthy nutrition

Picture shows us that we need to:

  1. Do  exercises
  2. Eat vegetables, healthy fats/oils, whole grains
  3. Eat nuts, beans and tofu;
  4. Eat fish, poultry and eggs
  5. Eat dairy products
  6. Eat red meat processed with meat and butter; refined grains: white rise, bread and pasta, potatoes etc..

Next picture demonstrates us hot to live a healthy life.

Outdoor activities


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