10 steps how to deal with a stress

10 steps how to deal with a stress

I am not really like those topics, but it a good time to talk about healthy lifestyle and how to avoid stresses in out busy life.

Now, everything is faster. Days, nights, weeks… Sometimes you have a feeling like a life is passing too rapidly. You are at school, then you are at college and then you are at the office making a career… “When did it all happen?”- You ask yourself. You start to look backward, but there is nothing there – just a history of your life and that is it… or not? Things are more complicated than they look.

Information is our main source of knowledge. It comes and comes more. While you are at work or at home you need to deal with it. This huge flow of information gets tired your mind. Your brain becomes full of it and you need to rest mentally, but there is no time… because you need to work!

That is how some people live and do not notice some improvements in their lives, they even do not have enough time to eat and sleep.

Our life is full of technologies that create new possibilities. Therefore there is a bigger space for competitions which we can see everywhere, especially at stores, malls, fast foods etc.. They try to sale and serve meals faster and better with the same high quality.
Therefore, employees must work faster and faster like robots. This is one of those reasons why hard-working people so pressed by their lives.

Sometimes you can hear elderly people saying, that in their days there was a lot more free time. They could afford rest, conversations with the family during the dinner, visit a theatre and so on and so forth. They are right. In old days people live without all those technologies and were happier. On XX century they work were hard, but they still could find some time to talk with family, to watch the skies.

Today it is hard for some people to spend a second without a cell phone of other electronic devices. They keep out attention in a cyber space where out famous video services, sites and blogs are. Rapid information flow is a very good achievement of our generation, but sometimes it doesn’t allow us to rest mentally from all those news, events and things on Internet. But we need to find a way to do that.

There are 10 easy steps, which are going to help you deal with a stress:

1. Do not take your thoughts with you to home. Leave it at work or “somewhere else”;
2. Try to either thing about nothing or about something positive;
3. Try to relax after work physically and mentally;
4. Do not start hard conversation when you tired;
5. Do not think about you business until you rest well;
6. Do things that help you to relax (watch funny TV shows, read book);
7. If something bothers you when you exhausted, let it go from your mind;
8. Sleep at least 8 hours;
9. Do physical exercises or fitness, it will help to free your mind;
10. Let your bad mood go and think positive.

Except that you need to have a balanced nutrition. Those are all advises from my side. If you want to learn more, there are a lot of books, blogs, videos how to live healthy life… Just ask a search engine.


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