Progress is ON…



On Sep 27, 2013 Google has published a video called Google Search turns 15. It is all about their history, success and some projects that are going to help users make their life easier.

Google as a company has started on 1997. There were a lot of changes and transformations, new ideas and improvements. According to Amit Singhal (SVP, Search) company focuses of three important elements:

  1. Answers  – with knowledge graph, that helps you works and understand faster;
  2. Conversations – voice recognition; voice search;
  3. Anticipations  – additional information that you may like.

There are also projects that are going to work with search results faster. For example voice search can help you to compare some products that want to buy or help you to see a difference between two objects, planet or whatever you are looking for.

In this video Tamar Yehoshua has demonstrated an example how easily you can compare two kinds of oil just to see a nutrition list and two planets Earth and Neptune. There are a lot more functions.

As far as I can see, if you want to fully enjoy Google user experience, you need to have their products like Google Glasses or tablet called Google Nexus 7. It is hard to say are those electronic devises good or bad? One thing is for sure – Android operation system still has a lot of glitches in spite of all this hard work that Samsung did to make it good.  It still needs improvements…

I think you should watch this video, maybe you will discover something for yourself.


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