Wild hunter – Jaguar

Sport is a competitive activity, that gives an adrenalin and emotions to those, who takes part, to viewers and fans. In natural environment everything is different. There is no awards as we know it, there is no ratings, there is no money rewards…There is only one mistake can be done!

Jaguar  – a wild predator

Jaguar is big cat, that hunts pretty well. It is one of the largest feline after lion and tiger.  Its hunting skills are very good, as Jaguar’ major meal is meat. National Geographic filmed this animal during the hunt. Its moves very accurate.  According to Wikipedia, weights of its kind are in a range of 56–96 kg (124–211 lb). Big cat can carry wild animal that weights about 300 kg (660 lb).

In this video National Geographic shows a Jaguar, as very slowly and quite attacks caiman. Very important part of this video is narration. Dr. Luke Dollar made a good job. In spite of fact, that you know (or guess) how is it going to end, you still wonder what jaguar going to do next?  It is like you watch live a sport event where comments made by a professional narrator help you better understand the game.

Video has a hight quality and shows us real, brutal natural environment… It is about  Jaguar.


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