Wonders of Iceland

Incredible virgin nature is hirings many wonders which change your vision of the natural environment. This is Iceland – native land of geysers and many other marvelous things“!

There is a lot of interesting things in the world. In this lovely evening I have decided to write about something beautiful and natural… Accidentally, I found this video filmed by National Geographic team, combined by photographer Stian Rekdaland and published on Oct 8, 2013. This film is about virgin nature of Iceland that in spite of all those years of studies and scientific explorations, still has so many secrets. It is like Earth’s diary, where scientists “can read” about important events of planet’s life and discover deepest geological details of its birth.

Iceland is very interesting Nordic island country, where local inhabitants have developed extraordinary architecture like turf houses and stone buildings, which are tourist attractions. However, it is probably not a reason why thousands of tourists visit this country every year.

Most valuable treasures of Iceland are natural wonders. There are a lot of extinct volcanoes, active geysers, rivers and geothermal resources, which make this place perfect for movies like science-fictions about future… or an aliens’ invasion…

Joseph Kosinski  probably had this kind of thinking before he choose Iceland as a shooting area for his famous movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise…  Unfortunately this is a story, which we are not going to discuss in this post, because I already did it here.

For many generations places like Iceland were an inspiration for novels, poems, paintings and pictures which we are use now like wallpapers for our laptops and PCs.

When you are staying in place like that, there is no need to think hard, as ideas come by themselves.  Those peaceful places help us realize that our lives are moments of existence and we cannot afford to waste it. Thanks to them, we can understand meaning of a harmony.

Rocks, stones, mountains – all those geological formations take us to the exciting world of natural environment which wasn’t touched by the civilization. There are also creeks, rivers, bays with the purest water that you can possibly imagine…

There is also a natural visual effects called Northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. I have found this moment the most incredible part of the video. Those lights are insanely beautiful! After video was speed up a little you can realize that lights are kind of dancing on the sky.

Stunning Time-Lapse Video: Elemental Iceland has special atmosphere of natural wonders and cultural past that is connected with Viking’s lifestyle. Iceland is a place that you can recommend to your friends and acquaintances to visit. If you do it, you should remember – this country is a tough place and you will probably need a professional guide.


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