Pacific Rim…

A premier of sci-fi action Pacific Rim was a few months ago, on 12 July 2013. Inspire of its huge budget 190 million U.S. dollars movie is mediocre with some illogical moves which lead viewer to nowhere…

It is all about animation and visual effects. Looks like filmmakers didn’t want to make it interesting in traditional way by making audience think what is going to happen next? They made it spectacular thanks to progress of computer animation.

A script is simple – alien life forms have appeared and attacked. World needed to fight back and to win those battles. Sounds like a typical PC game, however movie trailer suggests otherwise.

A whole conception of Pacific Rim is common as a newspaper, which lies on the table, but the place where aliens come from is new. We already saw aliens arrive from space in such movies as: Aliens (1986), Predator (1987), Mars Attacks! (1996), Independence Day (1996) and Men in black 1-3; sometimes they appear from other dimension The Mist (2007); in other cases they live among us: The Faculty (1998), and they try to kill humankind from space: Starship Troopers (1997).

An invasion from ocean is a very rare idea. There is one movie that I remember called Sphere (1998) where aliens were deep into ocean. It is not because they have a portal down there, it is because they have crash landed many years ago. Everything different with Pacific Rim…

Is this movie interesting? There is no need to give an answer because I am going to show you some numbers. To do that I have chosen three common sites:, and

On, 131 189 users have voted and gave this movie 7.4 scores from 10. On 121 481 users rated this movie to 3.9 from 5. On 973 users gave 7.7 points from 10. How would you rate this movie?

Short plot
Aliens life forms (technically amorphous monsters ) – Kaiju came to Earth through the portal they build under the Pacific Rim. They destroyed big cities. Humanity needed to fight them. Weapons, tanks, helicopters, jets were not effective. Therefore people builds gigantic robots to fight monsters, instead to drop a nuclear bomb on their location. Robots were complicated and required two pilots to navigate and fight. Their brains connect during the action, so pilots’ heads were like a one mind, which allows to browse each other’s memories.
The movie starts with a tragic because during the fight one pilot gets killed, enormous robot gets a big damage… After that governments shots down the program, but marshal, who was in charge, decides to continue it in Hong Kong by himself.
There many battles, which reminded me for some reasons old PC mage called Mortal Combat. There is few failures and few men last… Situation gets very serious and in some point one scientist realizes that he can connect with Kaiju, learn their weakness and end these battles once and for all… He discovers, how to destroy a portal and share this knowledge. Last battle and it is over.

Guys from HISHEdotcom have made an alternative end which kind of better than original 😉

My opinion…
As far as I can see this movie is totally ridiculous. It made me bored a little. The idea was kind of new, but script is simple. It is too much visual effects on it. Those monsters they look like stone sculptures… There is nothing interesting about this movie except it an action with monsters.

There is an interesting facts about this movie made by CinemaTrailerSin

After all those curiosities that we talked about, you decide do you like it or not!


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