Galaxy Round…What is all about?

In this post we are going to talk about Samsung Galaxy Round, about its one feature, to be exact.  It is easy to notice that video is from YouTube. It was made on Oct 8, 2013 and already have like 2 623 011 views. Description says that cell phone is already available in South Korea  since October 10th, 2013, since today 😉

Samsung Galaxy Round

Phone has something called Roll Effect which allows you check time, date and a notification by simply roll the phone. Is it a good feature? Looks like it is useful, but some users says that it is unnecessary. Well, it is for you to decide if you buy it or get one with your contract plan.

The most interesting thing for me, that guy shows how Roll Effect works… Are there so many Samsung fans? This video is like 0:18 seconds long and has so many views! Is hard to say, what makes people watch this video… maybe curiosity before official world premier…

One thing is sure – comments are unavailable under this video. That is a reason why we can not see what is on people’s’ mind. Why do they watch this video so often??? Maybe because it featured?

The point is that video shows just one more cool thing that  Samsung Galaxy Round has. It looks useful if you are sleepy or to busy to navigate. After this phone “see the world”, we will see what else it can do! For now, you can only read specifications, features etc. on Samsung official site.


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