Singham – lion from Bollywood


Singham – is an action made in Bollywood (India) in 2011. The movie is about village policeman, who fights against local mafia, violence and corruption. Special effects are absolutely crazy and plot is kind of too. If you like an action with drama and comedy elements this movie is for you!

Bollywood-made films are totally different from Hollywood and European movies. Usually they have a simple plot with many unrealistic effects. Songs are very important part. Sometimes you even can lose a track what is all about. Honestly, I am not a big fan of cinema of India, but this action is OK. Singham (ENG. – Lion) is modern movie about police.  There is a lot of special effects, actions, songs and dances.

I’ve watched this movie… and it is good just for one time. In second time it becomes annoying. Maybe it is because of duration (142 minutes). It is hard to say. What is easy to tell that movie is overload with special effects and montages. In the middle of the movie all those montage tricks make you tired… Therefore, as I have written – this movie is good for a first time.

The movie begins with a pre-story about honest police officer – Rakesh Kadam, who was convinced with corruption. His mental tortures caused him a suicide. His wife knew a criminal who did it to him. His name was Jaikant Shikre – local “businessman” whose earnings comes mostly from illegal affairs like blackmail, murders, kidnapping and corruption. Just to show how bad this guy is, there are scenes, where his is telling that he has choked a kid and has tried to kidnap other one. He was a really bad character.

Rakesh Kadam’s wife knew that his influences caused her husband a suicide; she has gone to him with the media and said that somebody will do him a justice… The movie begins with the song like a TV show!

Singham is shoving up from a dirty Indian pool or river… It is hard to say, but it is easy to notice that water is very dirty… The point is that hero came in! He likes his police station, helps to local inhabitants, and follows the rules. Law is most important thing for him. He even borrows money to debtors that got into troubles with loan sharks.

Story shows us that he is a good character. In some point Singham met Kavya a lovely girl – daughter of successful businessman Gautam Bhosle from Goya city. They fell in love.

After a few good guys-bad guys epic biting and a song (in Indian movies it is a standard) Jaikant Shikre has sent his man to sight on his bail papers. That unacceptable act has made Singham very mad and he demanded Jaikant come personally. This demanding was intolerable for such serious corrupted criminal. He has arrived to the village and tried to sustain a pressure to Singham, but villagers took axes, pitchforks, baseball bats and made a little force demonstration.

A situation like that was a last straw. Jaikant Shikre uses his political connections to transfer Singham to Goa, where he will not have a support from locals and it will be easier to make a revanche. Singham joined Colva police station, where policemen had not influence to a local criminal Jaikant Shikre. He was to powerful and his connections were too strong. Because of corruption, law didn’t work there.

Inspire of that Singham tries to make a case, but he fails at first time. Everybody either scared or connected with mafia. He started to get despaired. He could do anything… Jaikant case was torturing him mentally. However, Singham has arrested Shiva – one of Jaikant’s top leaders and made a fake case of illegal alcohol contraband. Story becomes more complicated…

Jaikant Shikre kidnaps younger sister of Singham’s girlfriend … While working on this case, Singham gathers more evidence but they were useful as Jaikant Shikre has won an elections and became a minister of Goa. After that he gives an order to transfer Singham back to the village Shivgarh. Before he goes, he talks with his supervisor DGP Pawar about justice…Afterwards DGP Pawar decides to help him fight a criminal.

Most of police officers come to Jaikant Shikre and sustain a psychical pressure on him… He escapes, but gets arrested in the next morning. After mental torture, he kills himself. DGP Pawar announces to the media that Rakesh Kadam – officer that killed himself on the beginning of the movie is innocent. Police officers salute to Megha Kadam – wife of Rakesh Kadam.

The end! Finally! 🙂


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