Galaxy Gear… Would you buy one?

Science fiction movies were promoting phone-watch technology all the time. Secret agents, pilots, starcrafts’ crew, cartoon heroes – most of them were talking to a tricky watch, which was a radio or some other transmitting device…

Samsung has gathered all those ideas and… We have Galaxy Gear – an awesome gadget that makes you look cool! 🙂 It is like a watch with cell phone abilities… You can receive incoming calls, make outgoing calls, check weather conditions and your calendar, make pictures, listen music and bunch of other stuff. This gadget is very functional and compact with touch screen technology. It is good choice practically to everybody.

Commercial is interesting. It’s sort of playing with your child/teenage memories and sentiments. I mean you watch this video and you remember yourself as a child, when you thought (if you ever think about it ): “How cool would it be if I have this “magic watch”, I would be like a captain Kirk from Star Trek etc..”. Today when you watch this video with clips from famous TV shows and cartoons and you think: “I can make my dreams come true!” 🙂 Sure, you can! Before you do it, think about all “yeses” and “nos”. How this device going to change your life? Do you really need it?

In our time health issues are very important. This gadget uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your Samsung Galaxy phone and that’s how it works. It is hard to say what this technology can do to you… to your health. I believe that Samsung has made this king of studies!

In these days many people are concerned about cell phone radiation. If you make count Bluetooth, you are going to have two issues – cell phone and Bluetooth technologies. However, as far as I can guess Galaxy Gear probably comes with some kind of flayer with health influence information on it. You should read it and make your decision! 😉


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